About Us


The mission of Georgetown University Hospital is to provide physical and spiritual comfort to our patients and families in the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis – caring for the whole person. In the same tradition, the Department of Anesthesia is dedicated to providing quality patient care, clinical research, and graduate medical education in the specialized fields of anesthesiology, pain management and critical care.

The Department of Anesthesia covers all levels of complexity. The range of care includes the provision of anesthesia services for pain management, critical care, obstetrical services, surgical services, oncologic procedures, radiological procedures, radiation therapy, interventional cardiology, organ transplantation, and psychiatry. Anesthesia services are provided for all age groups, from the neonate to the aged, and all levels of complexity, from healthy to critically ill patients. These services may be provided in various hospital units for either inpatients or outpatients as required. The services may be provided in elective, urgent and emergent situations. In addition, anesthesia care may be required in emergent situations to provide expertise in the areas of emergency airway management, resuscitative interventions, vascular access and in the management of the acutely traumatized patient. All services are provided by attending anesthesiologists, who may or may not be supervising anesthesiology residents, certified registered nurse anesthetists, or student registered nurse anesthetists.The Department is in operation 24/7/365 with a minimum of two (2) attending anesthesiologists in house at all times. Surgery is scheduled from 0700 until 1900, and all rooms in use are staffed by anesthesia personnel. The ICU and Obstetrical Suites are open 24 hours a day. During normal business hours (0700 to 1600 Monday through Friday, and until the conclusion of the surgery schedule), there is adequate staff to support a maximum of 30 anesthetizing locations within MGUH. In urgent and emergent situations, the evaluation of the patient will be determined by the level of urgency for the anesthetic intervention and by the amount of data available related to the patient’s medical history. For all urgent and emergent situations, the patient will be evaluated as rapidly as possible so there will be no delay in care, but adequate time will be taken to provide for a safe anesthetic intervention. The Department has extensive experience and depth such that specialized teams can be provided during the day and on nights and weekends for pediatric surgery, obstetrics, organ transplantation, pain management, and critical care

Mission and Values


MedStar Georgetown University Hospital will provide expert, compassionate care for each and all of our patients, advancing the tradition of Catholic health care and the Jesuit spirit of service to others. We are committed to promoting health and wellness through the delivery of the highest-quality education and first-class research.

  • We will commit to a culture of patient care by physicians and staff who are grounded in standards of bhavior, accountability and loyalty.
  • By attracting the best doctors, nurses and staff, we will ensure superior clinical outcomes in a safe environment, using innovative state-of-the-art procedures and technology.
  • We will provide a workplace of positive regard, mutual respect and open communication that empowers our employees to develop and excel and recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.
  • As part of a premier academic medical center, we will work to educate and mentor the next generation of health care professionals and leaders.
  • With Georgetown University, we will develop and support innovative research for the betterment of our patients and humankind.
  • Through careful financial stewardship based on sound business principles, we will assure our patients, physicians and employees of our continued fiscal strength.


  • Knowledge: We believe that excellent patient care is contingent upon a strong knowledge base and innovative research.
  • Compassion: We will treat our patients and their families with kindness and empathy while attending to their physical and spiritual comfort.
  • Service to Others: We will strive to anticipate and meet the needs of our patients, physicians and co-workers.
  • Heritage: We pledge to continue and advance the tradition and ideals that flow from more than a century of excellence at Georgetown University Hospital. As a Catholic hospital, Georgetown University Hospital subscribes to the Ethical and Religious Directives as promulgated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
  • Trust: We are committed to open communication and mutual respect, engendering interdependence and confidence in each other.
  • Integrity: We will be honest, direct and just in our everyday interaction, respecting each other in a professional manner and protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our patients.
  • Sense of Team: We will endeavor to work together in an efficient and seamless manner, bridging divisions and disciplines, and continuously adapting to the changing health care environment.
  • Accountability: As physicians, management and staff, we will accept ownership and fully discharge the responsibilities of our respective positions.