The obstetric anesthesia group at Georgetown University Hospital mission is to help provide the patient and the baby with a safe, comfortable, and satisfying birth experience. We work closely with pregnant patients and their families, obstetricians, and our nursing team to provide comprehensive care during labor and childbirth, including a range of options for pain relief. The number of deliveries is about 150 babies per month including cesarean delivery. Regional anesthesia including epidural, spinal or combined spinal epidural is used for labor analgesia and cesarean section, although general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation is immediately available for emergency cesarean section. We also provide anesthesia for non laboring woman such as cerclages, D & C, placenta retrieval and vaginal repair.

At Georgetown University Hospital, we take care of a great volume of high-risk parturient patient. The patient undergo a thorough evaluation and discussion of the anesthetic plan and options. In consultation with the obstetricians, as well as other specialists, an optimal delivery plan is developed. If needed, advanced monitoring techniques, as well as management in an intensive care unit setting are readily available as deemed necessary.

The resident will get a unique and broad experience during their CA-1 and CA-2 year. In addition, the resident will have an option to rotate at Washington Hospital Center for another month during their senior year in a very active OB department.

Core Faculty:

Joseph Myers, M.D. Assistant Professor and Division Chief
Lisa Bellil, M.D. Assistant Professor and Assistant Division Chief