The Department of Anesthesiology at Georgetown excels in providing leadership and innovation in all aspects of discovery including its creation, dissemination, and application.  Anesthesiology research has maintained a rewarding diversity of research areas, while developing new dimensions relevant to patient care and fostering state-of-the-art molecular approaches. Our faculty have conducted multidisciplinary research both clinically and in the laboratory. Sponsors for these activities include multiple federal and state funding agencies as well as several foundations.

Each resident is given time during their CA-1 year to harbor a new project or take over ongoing projects, as well as an elective month during their CA-3 year to work on their project.  The resident is assign a mentor within the department who will facilitate and oversee the assignment.  Residents will also have the opportunity to present at national and local meetings/conferences. We encourage and support them in all their endeavors. We are also committed to provide a supportive environment for our trainees and junior faculty to ensure their successful development as independent investigators. The university has provided us with the necessary liasion to help facilitate our research ideas through IRB. As a result, we have installed a research committee which survey new and ongoing projects bi-yearly, thus allowing residents to be much more involved. Thank you for taking the time to visit our research website. Follow the links for information on some of the residents who presented at national conferences.    

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