ASA Conference 2014: New Orleans

The Anesthesia department would like to thank the following residents who presented one or more posters at the recent ASA conference in New Orleans on October 11-15, 2014. We are very proud of everyone who participated in this annual event. 

Dr. Chris Potestio

Poster Presentations
“Avoiding a Spike in Intracranial Pressure for Cesarean Delivery at 33 Weeks in a Primagravida with Intracranial Tumor and Midline Shift” (Dr. Meyers)

“Controlled Hypotension for Orthognathic Surgery in a Patient with a Vulnerable    Cervical Spine Due to Disc Herniation at C6” (Dr. Ved)

Dr. James Kim

Poster Presentation
“Esophageal Stenting for an Adult with a Carinal Type-H Tracheoesophageal Fistula with Severe Tracheal Stenosis” (Dr. Freeman)

Dr. Alex Pitts-Kiefer

Dr. Alex Pitts-Kiefer

Poster Presentations
“Anesthetic Management of a 2 Year-Old with Muscle-Eye-Disease and a Prior Extubation  Failure” (Dr. Nguyen

“A Difficult Airway with Cervical Instability Secondary to Ehlers-Danlos  Syndrome in the Setting of Pseudotumor Cerebri, Epilepsy, and Mitochondrial Disease:  Anesthetic  Management in a 13-year-old” (Dr. Ved)